We believe ice should enhance the visual impact and overall taste of drinks.

Artisan Ice . Superb Clarity . Slow Melting . Hand-Crafted

Our Featured Products

The Rock

An impressive 2 inches square, bartenders use The Rock for most straight spirits and basic cocktails. Mixologists use The Rock full-sized to make a statement or crack with a spoon to vary size and use for crushed ice drinks. Best used in a low-ball glass.

The Cylinder

At 2.5”, The Cylinder is perfect in dark colored cocktails. It is ideal with muddled cocktails to keep the fresh ingredients toward the bottom of the glass. Best used in a low-ball glass.

The Shard

The Shard is a great all-purpose artisan ice cube. Averaging about 1” x 1”, it works great for cocktails with fine particulates that mingle with its structure to create a stunning visual array.

The Rod

For cocktails served in a Collins glass, we offer the rod. This 1.5”x1.5”x5” cube really disappears in the glass, and brings a ton of “wow factor” and value to even the most simple cocktails.

The Sphere

Perfectly round, slow melting, and crystal clear. The Sphere works great in lowball glasses and creates a lasting impression.

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